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My Journey Through The Beach Volleyball World

From the Mountains to the Beach

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The Covid Affect

In looking at the title for this post, you might be thinking, come on man, you’re a coach, let’s not get into medical stuff here. Well,...

The Process

My philosophy on the approach to practice vs the approach to competition has changed over the years as I have grown as a coach. I’m sure...

Dear RPM Athletes

Watching the names scroll on the video RPM Sand posted today was so nostalgic. Since there was no practice tonight, I had some time to do...

I’m Sorry

I need to take a moment to ask for some grace. Not just for me, but for all of us. None of us have ever gone through anything in our...

Our Sport Is In Danger!!!

Over the last 8 years, myself and Ryan Mariano at RPM Sand, along with so many others in Arizona, have tried really hard to help the...

Our Dream

I find it interesting how much things change as we go through life. We grow, we evolve, we have incredible hardships we never think we...

Why Do You Train?

Our Zoom calls with college players and pros this week have brought up some incredibly interesting and well thought out questions. One of...

RPM's first 1,000 Medals

In just 5 years, RPM Sand athletes won 1,000 medals! From 2013-2018, our athletes finished either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in tournaments in 17...

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